Biograpy of musical duo DEŠI

Two breaths from two different worlds of music
Eva Žižkovská – barithon saxophon, clarinet. Lukáš Pilnaj – didgeridoo, vocal.

Czech musical project relating saxophon and australian didgeridoo. Its dialogue between wood and metal, etnic and european sophisticated music tradition, man and woman. Crashing genre borders of jazz – funky – world music.
Both instruments have a low frequency. They both carry pensiveness and depth but their tones firmly intertwine and rise into the higher harmonic levels. Pilnaj plays an Australian didgeridoo as a European experienced in the rhythm of the Indian tabla, and his phrasing develops along with his breath. He makes his own instruments. Žižkovská plays the melodies of the nonexistant songs on her baritone saxophone and we can hear something like a reminiscence of lukas-pilnajjazz now and then. The authenticity of the sound is emphasized by their rhythmic breathing. The music develop through countermovements, balance and merging.
Both musicians are members of the band Kus Kus Klan, L. Pilnaj plays solo as D.I.D.G. Orchestra and makes all his instruments by himself, E. Zizkovska plays in Big band Neratovice and with Hrajicimi vytvarkari (live performance artists).
Didgeridoo is a musical instrument of Australian Aboriginal origin made from a long wooden tube that is blown into to create a low drone. Lukas is self-taught and has created his own non-traditional  style.
History:  Founded in 2009. Since then concerting along Europe specially U.K. , Slovakia, Poland etc. Significant events – DHR festival 2009 and 2010. Isle of Wight , U.K. / Reggae Culture Vibez festival 2011, Czech Rep. / Zaježová festival 2011. Slovakia / Čajomír festival Praha 2011.  In spring 2011 released debut CD.
Music profile: www.pilnaj.com/eng/desi

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