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Agustina Mosca

AGUSTINA MOSCA was born in 1974 in Argentina.
She started her love affair with music at 15 years old, playing saxophone. Ten years later she took up violin for 2 years or so, which gave her expanded her musical knowledge. In between, Agustina attended Fins Art’s school, in Argentina developing her passion for art.
In 2001 she travelled to Barcelona, in Spain, where she met with a few Spanish and Australian didgeplayers. Agustina was very attracted and inspired by the didge and it was there that she began to play. She learned very easily and fast, expressing her hidden well of musicality. She soon started to busk and play with other musicians, finding a beautiful avenue to express her feelings and talent. In 2004 Agustina recorded her first album, PULSO, together with the flamenco musician with whom she had been playing for 2 years.
In 2005, she travelled through Brazil, and participated in recording an Album with jazz musician, Glaucus Linx. In 2006 she moved to Paris, where she started a new project INU MAKU with Santiago Torres, giving birth to a second album, “Madera Urbana”, in which she mixed her own sounds, with traditionalagustina-mosca Colombian music. The new country and journeys gave Agustina a lot of inspiration and enthusiasm to keep on going with her own music, exploring fusion.
In 2008, she recorded a duet with a bass player from Chilli, Pablo Fante, called ÓXIDO ESTELAR, with whom she keep working time to time. In 2009 she was working on a solo project, which started in Argentina, recording her last solo album “Otro Ruido de Tierra”. Back to Europe she was joining forces as a didgeplayer and percussionist, with Australian band Loonaloop, touring around Europe for two month. For the last two years she was experimented with the voice, mixing her sounds with a lyric singer and harpist, SOPHIE LELEU, and with a traditional singer from Navajo tradition, LORENZA, with whom keep playing and creating new sounds spaces.

Agustina’s style and composition is a collage of the vast experiences that she has had through the places she has traveled and the people she has met in her life. Agustina has performed in Spain, France, Morocco, Argentina, Chilli, Brazil, Uruguay, Denmark, Holland and Australia. Lately she finished a second record with ÓXIDO ESTELAR, called “Walkman”, that will be available soon, and she also have a new solo work in process. And keep on rolling!!!

Agustina Mosca website

Didji News

PRO DIDJ: professionalismo e professionalità nel didjeridoo

Venerdì 7 Maggio 2021 ci sarà PRO DIDJ, un webinair gratuito di due ore e mezza rivolto a tutti gli appassionati del didjeridoo, sia dilettanti che professionisti.


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La 4a edizione del Dreamtime didgeridoo workshop si farà! Un seminario da sogno in un luogo da sogno, il Casale nelle terre della magnifica Lunigiana, tra boschi, fiumi, laghi, cascate...


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Seminari Armonici 6a Edizione online

Sabato 29 Novembre 2020 torna la nuova edizione dei mitici Seminari Armonici a Bologna, la 6a, questa volta online, con Luca Fattori al Canto Armonico e Gianni Placido al didgeridoo...


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Torna l'appuntamento col DREAMTIME DIDGERIDOO WORKSHOP 3a edizione!Un seminario da sogno in un luogo da sogno!!! Questo Sabato 20 e Domenica 21 Giugno 2020 ancora una volta presso il Casale in...


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Dreamtime didgeridoo workshop #2

🇮🇹ITA Torna l'appuntamento col DREAMTIME DIDGERIDOO WORKSHOP #2, un seminario da sogno in un luogo da sogno!!! Questo 22 e 23 Giugno 2019 ci immergeremo nella magica atmosfera del Casale in Lunigiana...


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Convocazione assemblea ordinaria Didjeridooing 2018

ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE DIDJERIDOOINGVia Bertini, 30 – 40127 BolognaCodice Fiscale 91345780372 Bologna, 21 Marzo 2019 CONVOCAZIONE ASSEMBLEA ORDINARIA Signori Soci, ai sensi dell’articolo 9 dello Statuto, è convocata l’Assemblea Ordinaria dei Soci dell’intestata Associazione che...


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Seminari armonici 2017

Lieti di annunciare la 5a edizione dei Seminari Armonici a Bologna. Sabato 25 e Domenica 26 Marzo 2017.


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Ritiro di didjeridoo 10a edizione

Il prossimo “Ritiro di Didgeridoo” si terrà il 29, 30 Aprile e 1° maggio 2017 a Garzigliana, Torino. Tutte le informazioni: . Giunto ormai alla sua 10° edizione, tuttavia...


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La leggenda del surfista col didjeridoo

La leggenda narra di un giovane surfista della scena underground di Monaco, il quale vagando in un parco ascolta per la prima volta lo strano suono del didjeridoo rimanendone folgorato...


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