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Marcos Andreu

Marcos Andreu has been one of Spain’s referential didjeridu players since the origin of the local scene in the late 90’s. Most of his learning takes place in Australia, where he begins to play in 1997, returning yearly to the aboriginal reserve of Arnhem Land to deepen his knowledge of didjeridu and indigenous culture with reknown aboriginal representatives of the instrument and of traditional and contemporary music and culture, like Roy Muyngarnbi Ashley, Mickey Dh*g*rr*n Hall, Djalu Gurruwiwi or Tom E. Lewis, among others, with whom he participates in several sociocultural projects and establishes bonds that still remain and influence his work today.

In Spain, Marcos invests his passion in developing an informative and educational activity on didjeridu and the culture from which it comes, aiming to bringmarcos andreu them closer to our context and to normalize the instrument in conventional music scenes, stripping off symbolisms given in western spheres - which have nothing to do with the original concept that captivates him - and reviewing that same concept through different musical and scenic proposals that have found expression in flamenco, jazz or drum’n’bass or performance and contemporary dance, among other ranges.

At present, Marcos develops Señor Markusen | Solo, a musical street performance with dramatic features in which, as a sort of a one-man-orchestra, or better, as a one-man-soundsystem, he simultaneously plays didjeridu and percussions to build contagious acoustic beats of low-tech organic dance music.
Starting in 2011, Señor Marküsen has toured Europe performing at festivals in Italy, France, Germany, Portugal and Spain and will visit new countries the coming 2013 season.

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photo by Alice Poli

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