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Iban Nikolai Jimenz

iban-nikolaiIban Nikolai starts playing didgeridoo in 1997.He has learnt  with Djalu Gurruwiwi, Milkayngu Mununggur, Mark Atkins, Charlie MacMahon, Gary Thomas, Lies Beijerinck, Sjaak Sbell, Michael Jackson, Mattias Muller, William, Ansgar Stain, Marcos Andreu, Nello Chiuminato, Raúl Orte, Dubravco Lapaine, Gauthier Aubé.

He has toured Europe, Australia and Americacentre giving concerts and workshops. He´s participated in didge festivals like La Reve del Aborigené, Didjfest, Dreamtime Berlin, Texel didge fest, Tribales, Ibort, Fatt, Festival gallego de didgeridoo, Didgeridón, Sfinx, Didgevent and Garma in Australia.

He has edited 3 CDs : Yurlunggur, Didjeridu Hotsak and Hamar. He also, edited "Ramas" with the band Samar in 2007. And his last work "Alla Yidaki" with Acoustic Glorious (2010) .

His way of understanding this instrument makes him fuse different sorts of music as folk, rock, dub, thecno, funky..developing a personal and peculiar style.He has collaborated, recorded and toured  with Briganthya, Oreka Tx, Zurartean, Ibon Koteron,  Faltriqueira, Zea Mays, Xabi San Sebastian, Luis Camino, Rude Kanka, Desoreka, Wooden Cave Project, Músicos Sin Barreras, Oscar Portugués. Nowdays, he is component of the band called Samar .Also plays in Acoustic Glorious with Antonio Lizana and Eneko Larrañaga . In the other hand, he works as a didgeridoo teacher since 2001.

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